About us

Card Bearer was founded in 2017 by Laurent Corriveau and Isaniel Clairoux — two friends sharing a passion for design and games. Wanting to create a business of their own, Isaniel came with the idea of creating a solution for transporting card collections with comfort and style, after witnessing for years his brothers carrying their own premium collections in grocery bags and such. A year later, the entrepreneurs launched a Kickstarter campaign that was funded so fast, it reached 110% before the beginning of the launch party scheduled later that night. After sending rewards to all of their backers, their product — the Card Bearer — is now available for every card collector to enjoy.



Hi there! Welcome to our own cyber-fortress! We can’t help but feel blessed about how our adventure has been going on since our humble beginnings in 2017. We have the privilege to work full-time on this baby now, thanks to everyone who supported us from the sketches, to the 3D printed prototypes to today.


Card Bearer Prototypes


We love games and we love playing Magic: The Gathering. It was a pleasure for us to channel our design skills to serve the trading card game community and working to offer them something so much better than what was available to them. A carrying case worthy of the time and investment that we put into our collections. Now we’re really proud of what we came up with, and we are eager to start designing other products for this passionate and generous community.

And here is a small word from our goblin Grak:


Oh and how surprising, a picture of himself...


Grak the goblin Card Bearer